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Ariela Housman, Artist at Geek Calligraphy.

Terri saves me from office work, from bad clients, and from myself.

Terri takes the burden of a lot of administrative stuff off my shoulders, like sending invoices, purchasing supplies, and screening clients, so that I can spend more of my time making art.

More important than the administrative work, though is the emotional labor Terri performs. It’s hard for me to set boundaries with clients. But when a client demands something unreasonable, Terri is there to help, either by giving me a stern, bucking-up talking-to, or by talking to the clients directly to give a patient but firm “no, we can’t do that.” 

When my creative impulse leads me to try to take on too many projects at once, Terri is there to remind me of the constraints of my schedule, stopping me before I get myself in too far over my head.