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Artist Wrangler for Hire

Services Provided

Social Media

If you want to make it as a creative professional, an active social media presence is a must. But Twitter is complex and Facebook has algorithms that make no sense (and let's not mention Tumblr or Instagram). I can help you craft a social media strategy that works for you and your business out of the content you provide.


Keeping track of who has and hasn't paid you can be more effort than seems worth it. But it doesn't keep the lights on. Outsourcing that to me can ensure that the money comes in and that you don't have to worry.

Business Strategy

Is the new project that you're dying to work on within the scope of your current brand? I can ensure that what you're working on is productive, rather than just interesting. In addition, I can help you with a product release schedule or plan for art shows. Did all of that sound like gibberish? I can help you rethink of your art as a business and make sure you have the tools you need to accomplish that goal.

Yelling at people

Sometimes people don't pay their invoices. Or they steal your art. I write DMCA takedowns and stern letters to delinquent clients, so you don't get a headache trying to.

General Unsticking

Sometimes you get stuck in a loop and can't get your work done. Having outside accountability can help with that. I can remind you to Do The Thing that you need to do, or help work out a schedule that keeps you productive. I also do more general Executive Function work, if that's what you need.


Just because I don't outline a specific service here doesn't mean I can't help you. Just let me know what's standing in the way of you getting things accomplished, and we'll work together to get you creating again.



Keeping Creative People Doing Creative Things

So much gets in the way of an artist or small business owner doing the things that they set out to do. I help keep those out of your way.