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Terri Ash

I began working at The Judaica House in early 2006. Early on I was tasked with re-inventorying many of the special order items that they carry, such as personalized Grace After Meals books, yarmulkes for imprinting and personalized ketubot from various artists. Over several years of employment, I developed relationships with some of the artists we carried and learned a whole lot about how the business works.

This led to starting Geek Calligraphy with my best friend Ariela Housman in 2013. I am the business manager and Artist Wrangler there. Much of what I do with and for Ariela can be found in this blog post.

In the last year, I have spread out to freelance wrangling (also known as Project Management Consulting) and have taken on private clients. I hope that I can help you get things done and keep you creating.


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